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From as early as I can remember, I always noticed women and thought they were beautiful. In my freshmen year of college, I met an insanely gorgeous actress ... vision for the first time in my life. Suddenly everything made sense! - Erika
yes i am a dragQUEEN! Till this day I haven't told her it was me stealing her makeup and am sorry for it. Will make it up to her by buying her something nice. Was drunk and needed some glitter and mascara aand eyeshadow... sorry Krissy!!!
I shifted on the bed, turning my body away from her and crossing one leg over the other. I'm not decent and I thought you might be someone else. My heart ... , I wanted to say, just you. Read more #secrets at:
Am a dragqueen, in London. My wife thinks I'm going with some friends who are covering for me, thinks am going on fishing trips. I feel guilty but ecstatic drag at the same time! Be fabulous even if people around you don't know it.
My secret is... that I certainly don't have a bleached butt-hole, I'm not one for feather pillow fights and I'm not wearing an uncomfy underwired lace bra ... (apart from this post of course - haha). Aaahhhhhh... lesbian sex myths! KaraKXX
My ex... she'd cum, loudly, beautifully, so fucking sexily - and squirted all over my face. Once her orgasmic throes had passed and she regained her breath - ... . It was, and remains, the hottest thing I've ever experienced with a woman.
Jun 26 1
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Me and my whole friendship group really just want to fuck eachother. The problem is we dont want to all fall out but sometimes the sexual tension is to much when we are out!!!!
I don't know what to do, am a happy lesbian, have a partner for 16 months now. Last couple of months, I've been chatting and having sex themed phone conversations with ... but at the same time... i miss the touch of a man and feel lost.
i came out gay last year and seems 90% of my friends are now avoiding me, most blame Covid and the thing is that even before they wouldn't invite me to a ... everyone, maybe should've kept for myself... I feel lonely often. There it is.
Love role playing with my partner and we won't stop! We role play and do cos-play a lot in bed. We recommend to everyone LGBTQIA to TRY at least once. I am Captain Jack Sparrow hahaaaa
Jun 23 3
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I came out as gay to my parents, even though I knew I'm bi. Also i discovered I'm trans. All this would mean i habe to come out two times ... phone and looked through everything to then forbid me to text my boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend)
Was in highschool and we were doing everything together, even showering (kinky hahaa) and we had to separate during my parents divorce so the relation got cold af after. ... and think of how good we were all the time. should I feel guilt?
Hello, I'm Paul and welcome to my website: This is where you can find out more about me and my first novel Exposé, which ... use the contact forms to share your own views and reviews with me. Kind regards, Paul
It happens many times and I really think is because of all the porn I watched when was younger.
I remember now so vivid, her hair, her lips... the way she was talking to me and the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. Had only A+ was trying my best ... how I felt. That was my moment of clarity and knew I am a lesbian. Pride2020
Jun 19 0
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A bench with incline adjustments - You will have a good durable and stable table. This will let you perform bench press and other seated movements correctly. Achievable ... too, so switch things up and don't eat the same meals countless!
Am sooooo happy. The #EqualityAct passed Yeeeesssssss!!!!!!
My partner doesn't share my feelings for #BlackLivesMatter and neither understand or even try to, what this movement stands for :( Our relationship got colder by day, am ... a phase, should I end it or fight to convince her of the reality?
Probably due to this covid shyte I don't feel the same pleasure or enjoy role-playing love sex as I used to... Seems I'm missing the hugging and the kissing ... . There, i said it! Thanks secretspedia Make an app will post all day hahaha
Jake here! Wany everyone to know that i have a mega obsession with fragrances. Last months, even with the stay at home covid crap I still bought 5 fragrances. ... gay Mancera, Montale, Creed... Love y'all! PRIDE2020 WOOP WOOOP show #Pride
Jun 13 2
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I think my cat is gay. I’ve tried to mate him with female cat but he’s not interested. When he met other male cat he got so crazy and tried to copulate with him. It happens every time... don’t know what to do
I love my sis and will love her forever but she not being able to understand what gay means breaks my heart! Am gay since I know myself and used to hide it pretty good. ... Will be fine, hope my sis will get it one day soon, I am who I am.
24 years old, my mother keeps pushing me to get... boyfriends but I have a secret relationship with my childhood friend Ewa and... would die for her that's how much I ... ll be... upset and angry if I tell them. Here it is: I AM A LESBIAN
Jun 9 0
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The legend says nobody knows, but I do. And I can prove it to anyone who is willing to donate 5 million dollars to me as a gratitude gesture for knowing so much.
found a wallet while going to work. I wanted a Nintendo switch so bad and all i was missing were 80 bucks so... left the wallet with a police officer who was happy and thank me for doing a civic act ha. Have my switch yo
Each time I got a delivery, take out I tip the guys more than I tell my wife. Comes from being a delivery guy myself in the past. She doesn't know that either lol
And she doesn't know it. I feel ashamed but it's smoother than men ones are
Jun 7 0
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We have shared fridges at my workplace and my boss is an ahole big time! So, whenever he brings something nice, like tiramisu, cherries, bananas etc. It is ME who eats them.
Jun 7 0
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I enjoy popping balloons and never admit I did it at any party, when no one is watching.
I used to go to fortune tellers and lie about my life, abut everything and somehow I find a HUGE SATISFACTION about this. I used to pay them and at the same ... so... so am still happy, still doing this so FU fortune tellers, you suck!
We spent most of our time together. We would flirt and make dirty jokes about each other and have a good laugh. But when I asked her out she said NO. ... I stopped answering her texts and spending time with her and somehow I am the asshole.
Jun 6 1
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and lied about it when i got caught by my competitor shouting “cheater” infront of my school staff.
Why, I don’t know. One of my many secrets!
Yesterday I bought blue bed sheets at Chinese and woke up this morning looking like Avatar. Hahahahaha hahahaha Love this site! Very well done, congrats!
Wish people like CardiB or other shyte musicians radios are playing would work picking dog poo in parks. There are so many good musicians and bands and all we listen is crap...
Once i made a doodoo in a costa coffee and run away fast cuz was stinking so bad and there was a big queue waiting
There’s around 50 employees and we have one colleague that occasionally silently farts while everyone pretends that nothing has happened. You can imagine how that looks like.
love to flirt with guys in the club just to see them turned on and then I pretend like nothing happened…
They kicked me out of the game room because I was making other kids crying by telling them story that my parents had forgotten me here and that I had been here for 40 years.
Almost each day.... we were laughing at the clients. Sorry!
Great job my friend! ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️
I resigned with no savings, has a lot of debts and no other job to look forward to. I earn a little in my current home-based part-time job, not enough to pay ... . I am sorry for the long post. I just wanted to get everything off my chest,
i like to slowly making girls to like me so i can feel loved, in the end they will love me soooo much and i let them go. ppooff just like that
Jun 2 1
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I love my baby the most! But it’s not a secret! Just wanted all the world to know it! <3 Kiss Xxx
For pictures there are plenty other sites so we'll always keep simple. Just text. Real secrets.
Jun 1 1
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9gag has bought us together. Full support brother.!! (@hishighnessmonk)
Jun 1 1
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I understand that there will be no photos, just written, text secrets. No emojis too? All the best from 9gag
Will add emojis soon.
May 29 0
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My catto is the cutest!
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