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They kicked me out of the game room because I was making other kids crying by telling them story that my parents had forgotten me here and that I had been here for 40 years.
love to flirt with guys in the club just to see them turned on and then I pretend like nothing happened…
Almost each day.... we were laughing at the clients. Sorry!
Why, I don’t know. One of my many secrets!
There’s around 50 employees and we have one colleague that occasionally silently farts while everyone pretends that nothing has happened. You can imagine how that looks like.
Great job my friend! ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️
Yesterday I bought blue bed sheets at Chinese and woke up this morning looking like Avatar. Hahahahaha hahahaha Love this site! Very well done, congrats!
I resigned with no savings, has a lot of debts and no other job to look forward to. I earn a little in my current home-based part-time job, not enough to pay ... . I am sorry for the long post. I just wanted to get everything off my chest,
i like to slowly making girls to like me so i can feel loved, in the end they will love me soooo much and i let them go. ppooff just like that
We spent most of our time together. We would flirt and make dirty jokes about each other and have a good laugh. But when I asked her out she said NO. ... I stopped answering her texts and spending time with her and somehow I am the asshole.
It happens many times and I really think is because of all the porn I watched when was younger.
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9gag has bought us together. Full support brother.!! (@hishighnessmonk)
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test00001 I am testing before I send my research, But I am questioning the reliablibity and privacy of this site, what I want to share it's for the good of ... doubt someone will actually listen .. it needs power as well to be changed ..
This phone is that exist in two colours- black and white. A silver rim runs surrounding the edges within the phone (black colour). A corner ... tables contrary to the American ones especially while playing costly stakes online roulette.
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Looks quick and easy. What now?
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I love my baby the most! But it’s not a secret! Just wanted all the world to know it! <3 Kiss Xxx
For pictures there are plenty other sites so we'll always keep simple. Just text. Real secrets.
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I understand that there will be no photos, just written, text secrets. No emojis too? All the best from 9gag
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Fill the blanks
Will add emojis soon.
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Washed myself and smelling nice today!
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My catto is the cutest!
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Tv shows and superstar drug remedy applications haven't but persuaded prospects that drugs are actually not protected to use, despite the fact that it ... inside nations-means going past contemporary focus on the speedy causes of disease.
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I scratched my balls then went out and high fives all the people I didn’t like in the college cafeteria once lol is that considered a secret? Hi from 9gag
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One day I woke up and my balls were sweaty af. I realized I slept with all the pillows between my legs.
May 23 1
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So once I entered the shopping So once I entered the shopping So once I entered the shopping So once I entered the shopping
I like to wear thongs and bras(also in public). But my wife is okay with that. I like to wear thongs and bras(also in public). But my wife is okay with that.
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Yeah, I did. And was part of GTA 3, was a drugdealer yeah.
Test Book of Test Book of Mill continuity Book of Mill continuity Test Book of Mill continuity
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Aliens were here before us.
Once i made a doodoo in a costa coffee and run away fast cuz was stinking so bad and there was a big queue waiting
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